May 2000

Hello again! It's me Gary! How are you guys doing??? Happy Spring! *xoxoxoxox* My spring has jumped off to a hectic start! Man-o-Man! Between my senior project (it's a report all seniors must accomplish to graduate) and Biz. Math, I have NO room for anything social except for Oasis of course. I hope you guys are making out absolutely swell. Although thinking about it, I have managed, to squeeze in some tennis here and there. Plus, I've started tanning again! For awhile there I looked like a raccoon but all is well now. ~Thank Gawd~ Plus, prom is coming up. I'm very excited to say I'm NOT taking a boy this year. lol I'm soooo sticking with my girls! Boys=bad prom! I learned the hard way! My girls are a guaranteed GREAT time, ya know? Nevertheless, I'm excited to say the least. My friend Becky and I are going to be queens of the prom. hehe! ~high five~

Well, I've changed colleges AGAIN. But this switch is concrete *fingers crossed*. I'm going to Temple now. I visited last weekend, and I was very much impressed. It wasn't the ghetto I expected. ~thumbs up~ Before I switched to Temple, my friend George and I were going to room together at IUP. I have to break the news to him soon. I hope he isn't mad! *sad face* Thank you all for the kind mail though! It was very pleasant receiving nice mail. Hehe. Thank you all! !!!smmooocheezz!!

I'm having some drama with my mother, right now. Well first of all, I live with my grandparents. They've raised me all my life. They are THE ABSOLUTE BEST! My mom on the other hand, is such a b*t*h! I could most definitely live without the hag, but my grandmother insists I have a "relationship". Nevertheless, since I'm going to college and all my mom took It upon herself to call my dead-beat-father. He's such a ~eww~! Know the kind?

Anyway, my mom told him I had a girlfriend and stuff. My mother fantasizes that my best friend Janine and I are secretly together. She doesn't accept her son as "homosexual"! hahaha! Whatevah! Amusing huh? Well anyway, now my father recently called me and wants to have dinner and "talk". This is the same father, who 2 years ago disowned me because I was gay. I could honestly care less. It's such a mess, and I don't need this right now. Parents bite, man!

Other than that, nothing is really new. I'm just sorta sucking up my last days of high school. Part of me hopes that I find a "spring" romance. A BIGGER part however, takes pleasure in just watching others get hurt and stuff. It's a sad world out there! Hehe! I'll survive though! Just like YOU will! ~chin up sonny~

Well guys! I think this article is sorta short. My sincerest apologizes! See ya next month! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX


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Later taters!

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