Lincoln Ho

May 2000

Hi everybody! Hope you all had a great Easter! For me, it’s been a special month for me as I continue to find out about myself and who I am in relation to God, and Jesus, my saviour.

"I pray for the day when we, not only accept our differences, but actually celebrate our diversity"–Hilary Swank.

That was a quote from this year’s Academy Awards that touched me the moment I heard it. Such greatly spoken words that all mankind should take consideration of. No, let me correct that, that everyone should take consideration of and act willingly to make it reality, is more of what I mean.

It’s funny cuz I never even heard of the movie and I saw the little preview of the nominees and I saw Hilary and I thought that (he) was hot… then it turns out that the he is a she. Anyway, I only learned of the movie that night and found out more about the story of Brandon Teena/Teena Brandon. It’s such an amazing yet tragic story when I read it. I’m actually happy that the story received such publicity and popularity at the Oscars.

Then I had thoughts following that were different. This was one of the most "gay friendly" Oscars in a long time. There were a few of the winning films that night that had a connection to "queerism". It was then that it got to me… what does it take for equality to happen? We as a human race have advanced in so many different aspects except for one thing, the disease that we can fix, hate.

What I am trying to get to is that even though we’ve supposedly eliminated sexism and racism, it’s still going on no matter how you look at it. When was the last time you’ve bought insurance and the women have different prices than guys? Or what about clothes? Wages? Men don’t get paid for being pregnant. Mind the fact that we are unable to physically, we don’t get leave if we have to go and raise our family.

That’s the gender deal, now what about the race thing? If it was solved in the 70’s when the whole racism thing was fought, then why are we continually advertising on our media "no racism"? We are getting further and further apart than getting more equal. How many rap videos do you see with white women dancing in it? Or what about boy bands? There’s whole black boy bands like Boyz II Men and there’s totally white ones like LFO. I see that the British have exceeded us at that with the Spice Girls and All Saints.

Out of the "outside" deals, now it is us. Don’t expect many sudden changes when the same sex laws are slowly passed in each state one by one. The differences will still be there until the end of time. There is no way you can say a black guy is equal to a white guy… ask a 3 or 4 year old. Now, ask an old man about what they think of gays and lesbians. It’s not the fact that we are all humans, but it’s the fact that each minority group shows the differences that makes them not belong to the majority. This is my way of saying that we are not all the same, and we never will. So what now? Well, we now not only fight for our own rights and be selfish, but we band together with all of the other minorities and fight together. We fight not to become equal with them, but only to be treated like them… and it all goes back to that golden rule.

How does this correspond to the Academy Awards? Well, I see it as a bombardment of gays into society. If I didn’t know any better, I’d feel that the gays are trying to take over the world… mankind me want to hate them more. Think about it for a second, it might start to be a trend… or even worse, a lifestyle that will wipe out the human race. AAAHHHH, everybody, we’ve got to fight back! Of course, that’s an extreme point of view… (I don’t think like that).

My point is, what does it take for people to register into their minds that we don’t really need the special attention we are getting. Does it take another tragedy like Brandon Teena or another Matthew Shepard to tell the world that there is something wrong with our corrupted world? Why are we fighting when we could be advancing and moving on? Think of the possibilities.

Now, in other events that happened, people were totally bashing Hilary’s comment. A lot of these people I gather are actually Christians. Why? Because they say that the quote is only about transexuals and nothing else… but was it? Was what Hilary said really about that at all? You decide and you act accordingly to what you believe is right.

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Lincoln Ho

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