May 2000

A Look Back: Killed For Being Queer

Chris* knew from an early age he differed from normal boys. While loved by his mom and dad, Chris* occasionally confused his folks by means of phrases he said. From boyhood on, Chris* knew his life would follow an unusual road. During adolescence, Chris* largely declined sharing one side of who he was. People he lived around would become unwelcoming real quick. Openly revealing such info early on would have caused his family real problems socially.

So Chris* grew up hardly ever revealing his whole self. He would be 30 before he would begin "going public". Some realized his hidden self and began spreading word concerning him. However much Chris* desired "genuineness" around people, he warned ones who knew, "say no words regarding my being g—."

Chris* was an accomplished spokesman and came under fire from religious bullies who claimed God’s voice. He spoke of love and said love sums up God’s goal for people. A good number of his friends were ragamuffins. Hookers seemingly loved him and loners liked being around him. Family values were argued in his day. When he spoke of his own upcoming marriage, however, many people were annoyed.

A couple years of his freakiness was all some pious people could endure. Police and religious leaders finally seized him. Behind closed doors now and lacking his friends, Chris* was ridiculed and slapped around. Finally, he was asked:

"Are you??"

Chris* looked around before replying, "Yes? as you say."

"Kill him."

A decree was issued quickly. Chris* was publicly killed–age 33.

Happy Eas*er everyone!!


Jamie is 25 years old and lives in Kentucky. He will share his story in future Oasis columns. He can be reached at jamiemcd@earthlink.net

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