May 2000

Summer's COMING! And the snow is FINALLY melting! News news news news news! I finally got to go back to London and meet up with my Marys.... You wouldn't believe how much fun I had. We went to a big dance in Kitchner/Waterloo that was called Hyperactive, and let me tell you, I've never danced on a podium for sooooooooo long. I was up on that thing with my Mary for almost four hours...

Hyperactive was actually pretty cool -- it's kinda like a meat market... HOLD ON -- don't even go clicking somewhere else, I'm not talking about a bath-house or anything. Anyway, when you walk into hyperactive, if you are single, you get a number that you stick to your shirt. People can then write you messages and stick them on a message board if they're to scared to talk to you. It's a pretty neat concept because it allows you to break down that 'fear of rejection' barrier, and you don't look like an ass in front of your friends if the guy you are asking out laughs in your face.

The university of Toronto has similar type things called 'homohops' -- I have yet to experience one, but I'm sure that when I do it's going to rock. My Marys cordially invited me to come along with them when they go to Toronto again, and I am WAYYYY excited. They're so much fun to be around because these people are totally not afraid to be themselves. One of them (let's call him Queen Mary) is a TOTAL bitch, which is in NO WAY a bad thing. I have to admit that the first time I met him he was pretty harsh to me and I thought that he didn't like me, but I guess it turned out to be the opposite when I started stealing some of his lines -- apparently I have real bitch potential... **SNAP**

Anyway -- here's a little known fact about technical support -- almost EVERYONE that works there is gay -- now now... I'm not generalizing or stereotyping, I'm just saying that from my point of view, everyone that works for technical support is gay. My friend, we'll call him Mary, who works for support, has apparently slept with MANY boys at his work -- even his BOSS! Talk about drama queen/madonna boy! If Mary happens to read this, I still love you Mary -- I wish **I** could sleep with... well, none of the people I work with, but SOME people.


Okay, now what you've all been waiting for -- what Jeff's favorite song this month is! The winner, without a doubt has GOT to be SASH -- MEGAMIX. Like acid wash jeans, I can't reinforce enough the benefits and awesome points about this song! (Okay okay -- I'm kidding about the jeans). Anyway -- one of my favorite artists have always been Sash, with songs such as ENCORE UN FOIS, ECUADOR, and STAY, the megamix incorporates all of these songs into one. The music video (yes, I actually downloaded 50 megabytes of the thing) is a little hard to follow, but looks RIGHT CRISPY on a LCD projector (geekboi talking there). But, yeah -- the song mixes all of Sash's awesome songs into one -- you might have heard it on some of the latest Revlon commercials... if you still have them playing where you're at, listen to the music in the background for the "ENCORE UNE FOIS!!!" -- you'll hear it -- what an AMAZING song. Sash! Rocks my nads.

You know -- I was going to actually attempt to write this article to match some kind of topic or follow some kind of actual LOGICAL ORDER -- but I haven 't been able to. I mean, I can do OK in english classes, but hey -- if you've made it this far, you must at least understand my writing style. I think I can compare myself to Hemmingway... except I don't write about fish(ing) or blowing my head off...

I just got back from London -- visited an awesome club with my friends called H20 -- I know I'm underage, but I don't drink anyway, and I was the designated driver -- so be proud of me. Anyway, yeah, I met a lot of my friends from online when I went there -- I actually drove there on my OWN. I was driving on the 401 (If you haven't heard of this highway, see last article) and the trucks are all going WAY slow, so I'm driving at like 140 -- I was scared that I would get pulled over... but I didn't.

I have to say that my Marys are the bestest people in the entire world. They all insult each other and are the cutest boys in the entire world. I'm kinda mad that I live so far away from them and that I don't get to see them much, but when I do, I have LOTS of fun.

Well -- this article is actually already late -- shoutouts to all of you who actually email me in response to my articles, and again, I apologize if this article didn't follow any logical order, but that's how my mind works, so FUC.. erm.. BEAT ME!

Thanks again for reading,


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