Letter from the Editor -- May 2000

No shock, but I'm writing this on the eve of the March on Washington. No cheap airline to DC this weekend, so I'll stay and celebrate here. I did watch a bit of the rally on C-SPAN this afternoon and was kind of shocked by the number of bitter asides people were throwing around on the main stage.

Now, I would expect the speakers to address the people who chose not to attend the march because of it being led by HRC, or whatever other reason people have for not supporting the march. But, instead the American Indian speaker said they were supposed to speak earlier in the day but they weren't blonde and lesbian, so they kept getting bumped. And other acidic remarks were also passed like that in the brief period I watched the telecast.

I unfortunately didn't get to hear my favorite recycled speech, which one person is required to deliver at every gay pride or march. The person walks onto the stage and stares out silent into the crowd, people start looking at them, hoping to see some massive case of stage fright happen before their eyes, so they can cattily recall it later. And then it begins... "We are doctors. We are lawyers. We are policemen..." and once you hear that, it's a good time to head to the restroom or the food lines, because this speech will be going for a while. Every profession known to man, woman, and other (because we're all about inclusiveness) will be recited for a while.

I had mixed emotions about not being in Washington DC, but I think I made the right decision. If I still lived in PA, I would go, but it's quite a trek from San Francisco to see the same recycled speeches. Maybe I was also far less jaded in 1993. I also thought the march should be in 2001, instead of 2000. I think one of the reasons 1993 was so successful was because Clinton just began his term in office, and we were a powerful force as he began his first term. Aside from it being the year 2000, which is a nice round number, it would have been better to go to remind the new Democratic president in 2001 what he said when he was kissing our ass to get the gig. If Bush gets elected, street activism will return on its own due to his repressive, "compassionate," clueless candidacy and the havoc it will cause to gay equal rights.

Oasis is a bit thin this month, although I'm not sure if thin is a word that applies to online publications. In any event, spring break and finals always leave us a little content-lite this time of year. It always catches me off-guard because, well... I'm not part of that world anymore, been a while since I had a final exam or anything.

But, have no fear, the content will be more abundant next month. Our June issue might go up on June 3, as opposed to the first, as I will be on vacation for some family matters and a Cure concert around the first of the month.

Not much else to say this month.





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