Emmy-Award Winner Director Brings Campy Gay Vampire Comedy To Gay Wired Webcast Channel

Southern Charm, an original Internet serial from Playwright Productions, is part of the expanding lineup of original content on the Gay Wired Webcast Channel. Directed by Emmy Award Winner Irene Silbert, Southern Charm is a campy comedy about a gay vampire and the deep dark secrets of the Benhorn family who live in the Louisiana bayou in the 1860’s. The ensemble behind Southern Charm also includes creator/writer/producer Angela Randazzo, as well as actor/writer Larry Roberts. Weekly episodes of Southern Charm can be viewed worldwide beginning April 13th at www.gaywired.com using RealMedia.

‘We applaud our partnership with Gaywired,’ said Randazzo. ‘They’re creative and innovative people and that’s what it takes to launch a new concept on the net. The fun thing about the show is that the characters can do anything and it makes logical sense in their crazy world. From wolf hounds to cross dressers to our gay Southern vampire who loathes bloods–there’s a lot of surprises in store for the viewer.’

‘This isn’t new for us,’ explains Matt Skallerud, Gay Wired’s founder and CEO. ‘We’ve been offering original video programming on our Webcast channel for three years.’ Skallerud went on to stress that Gay Wired offers the most extensive line-up of original, gay and lesbian web cast programming on the Internet. ‘We’re thrilled to add Southern Charm to our line-up of programming,’ he adds.

‘Southern Charm is in the tradition of the old serial Dark Shadows and as racy as a current soap opera,’ said Randazzo. ‘The comedy is sexual innuendo so the audience can play along and use their imaginations–in some cases, that could be pretty hairy.’

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