National Organization of Men Against Sexism Conference in August

25 Years of Changing Men: History, Progress & Opportunities

25th Conference on Men and Masculinity (M&M-25)

Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

August 10-13, 2000

The Annual NOMAS Men & Masculinity conference is the finest occasion for Activists, Academics, Mental Health, Diversity, Domestic and Sexual Violence Workers, and anyone interested in gathering, organizing, and working to end all forms of oppression and injustice and to celebrate choice, alternatives, and possibilities

You’re invited to--

Participate: Multiple Tracks, Over 50 Workshops and Events

Commiserate: Network, Join, Connect, and Befriend

Communicate: Gay-Straight, Gender, and Racial Dialogues,Build Alliances, Partnerships, and Collaborations

Educate: Keynotes & Panels, Men’s & Gender Issues, Diversity and Multiculturalism, Resource Center

Associate: Affinity and Task Groups, Faith Communities, Create & Dance and Movement, Song and Spirit,

Celebrate: Performance and Play, Literature and the Arts

Pre-Conference Institutes (9 AM-5 PM on Thur., August 10, 2000):

12th Men’s Studies Association Meeting (Academic Papers)

Ending Men’s Violence (EMV-Network)

Undoing the "ISMS" (Diversity Training)

The Other Men’s Movement (Performing Arts)

Call for Papers and Workshop Presentations (by May 31, 2000)

Proposals should be submitted to:

NOMAS-M&M 25 or contact: Moshe Rozdzial

P.O. Box 455

Louisville, CO 80027-0455


For Registration and Information visit www.nomas.org

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