By Shawn, soaringeagle8@hotmail.com

Appear alone
Appear anguish
Ponder & weary
How naked I feel
Not able to speak
or hear
I just wander in my thoughts
whispering to myself
Listening to what I say
Wading in the silent,
invisible & lonely
I scream for freedom
from my captive mind
Desperate to communicate
to reflect on how
I feel
Lonely as I appear
the hurt appears
Silent with fear
The agony grows
of knowing nothing
Believing that nothing
will save me
Praying for a immediate release
The silent,
that I cannot stand anymore
So strongly as it grew,
as I begin to cry
This I cannot begin to stand
no longer
I beg for mercy
A lending ear,
is all I need
Someone near,
to hug &
to communicate freely

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