June 2000

Well, it's been a while, but now I have a reason to write. I'm just kind of fed up with the fact that life always works in waves. First the good, then the bad, then the good, then the bad.....I'M FED UP.

Why cant things just work one after another? It always has to be something bad to make up for the good that just happened. Always! In life, in relationships it always happens, at least to me. Maybe I'm causing it? I don't know, but I hate it.

Things are getting better, but I honestly don't know why my bad judgment always kicks in right after something good happens. It's usually bad judgment. Dedicated to the good evening I had and the bad day I will have, at least in one class. Pluperfect and Future Tense, but I'll get it wrong.

You know, I know it's no one's fault but I'm not in a good mood. So I can be put together again, and have a happy moment, from my current feeling of utter stupidity and hell.

This is chris.

(not london)

But the reasons for the phrasing is still the same.


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