June 2000

Edwin, the 18 y/o student from Niagara

YAY!!! Summer is *FINALLY* here, and with it, comes endless nights at the beach. Now, if only I had a boi to go to the beach with. *sigh* Oh well, some day Mr. Right will come along (then again, Mr. Right Now would be good too). Anyway. Not much has happened over the last month.

Well. Heck, a LOT has happened, but most of it is very boring and would just put you to sleep, BUT since I am writing this article at 5am, what the heck.

I finally made it down to London to see some on-line friends. Unfortunately, my father had to be there with me *grumble*, but all in all, it was not a bad time. It didn't exactly go as I had hoped, but I did get to meet some totally AWESOME people (if you check out Jeff's column, these people I am referring to are the 'Marys' he refers to-don't bother e-mailing me about what the F a Mary is - I don't really get it, nor do I think I want to). I must say they are an amazing group of people.

Let's see, what else. OOH. I went to my first gay bar in May!!! (I know I know, you're probably thinking "my god, he's 18 and he hasn't been to the bar yet???)It was QUITE the experience, to say the least. If you are ever in London, Ontario, make SURE to go to H2O. The place rocks!! They have awesome music, *CUTE* boys, and, all in all, a very good 'first time'. And, heh, the entrance is in the rear.

Nothing new to report on the sex life (or complete lack thereof). Well, I have met a few cute guys from my area, one of which in particular I would just *LOVE* to go out with, but I don't know him well enough. Of course, my heart belongs to that special someone, who will remain nameless (you know who you are), I'll NEVER find someone better than him, but I know that nothing will ever happen between us (this is the part where you are supposed to feel sorry for me). But, none the less, he is still a great guy.

I'm still not sure just where I am going to go to school in the Fall. Due to the idiocy of some people, I no longer work as a Tech. Support guy, so I dunno. I have been accepted at RCC in North York, Niagara College in Welland, Fanshawe in London, St. Clair in Chatham, and Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. I have been accepted for both the Computer Networks Engineering program as well as the Electronics Engineering program at all schools, with the B.Sc. at Lakehead. Any suggestions as to where I should go? Fire off an e-mail, would 'ya?

Wow. I just found out that Niagara DOES have a few youth groups!! They are also holding their second annual Pride Picnic this Saturday!!!!! I guess I don't live in such a vacuum.

I have tried to keep this meaningless conjunction of letters and numbers to a point, but alas, I have failed. I do apologize for this. As always, I appreciate feedback, comments, pictures, and anything else you care to send, but hold the spam, the world has enough Spit and Ham as it is.

That's it for this month!! You can usually find me in either #gayontario, or #gayniagara as "b_boy", or some derivation thereof. Feel free to write me at: oasismag@phone-guy.8m.com and, as always, my web-site is up for service at: http://phone-guy.8m.com


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