Lincoln Ho

June 2000


Hi people. Nice to have you read this again in such a repetitive manner. Don't you think that life is so redundant? I mean, we wake up everyday and go to work or school, eat, do more, and come home to watch TV and sleep. How much more exciting is that? Just think, what's the meaning of living if that's all you do for 70 years?

While many can take a lifetime to find the meaning to life, I look for ways to enjoy my life and be realistic about what is happening. Sure, planning is great... but how do you know how long you're going to live? Hope is nice too but can one hope on something so much that they end up losing it in the end?

Yes... I, and countless other people live on this philosophy, and it may work at times, however, the meaning of life and the reason to live is still absent. That's when emotions carry it on from there. It's the emotions that make us feel wanted, that make us fit in to the rest of the people around us, the feeling that makes you dream of falling in love one day and giving life to someone else before you go. No, I don't mean a child, what I mean is to touch someone before you die so that one may feel useful.

Now, why has these emotions affected us so much? It's a little trigger that sets the boundaries of a person, a family, customs, practices, religion, and even whole cultural groups. Hmm... cultural groups, could that also mean us as "queers"?

Let's say it is then, now what? How do we overcome these emotions and not let them run your life? You can't... unless you take alternative approaches to living (i.e. suicide). Then what now? We've now come with a statement that emotions determine how our life is run... what now?

Hmm... I don't know how many people are familiar with this concept but what about... accepting this fact? It makes sense doesn't it? It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

The truth is, it doesn't make sense to the number of statistics out there. All those tragic deaths that could have been prevented, if only, if only, we could cope with our emotions about what we feel inside.

Always remember that:

After every storm there's a rainbow

Behind every man there's someone

Holding every leaf there is life

For every person there's a fan

For everyone there's a matching person

Behind everything there's an idealist

After birth and death there's a cycle

In every person dreams exist

Somewhere someone's thinking about you

Somewhere someone's waiting for your return

Somewhere someone likes you, where ever they are

Somewhere someone needs you to help them to learn

Somewhere someone's dreaming about you

Somewhere someone's feeling the same as your are

Somewhere someone's talking about you truly

Somewhere someone isn't really that far

Peace and may God bless you.

I'm Lincoln Ho and you can contact me at http://i.am/lincolnho (and I've been 17 since February).

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