June 2000

Rather than my negative bitching, let's start this article out by saying how GREAT things are right now. It's June already and all of the pride events are coming up! I'm assuming right now that Windsor pride went okay, though I haven't attended just yet.

Heh-living in Chatham, it's funny to watch all the combines and stuff in the fields, and all of that other farm stuff that goes on. At our house, we were growing hemp last year, but ever since the US made all the regulations about not allowing hemp across the border (although it has no THC content and it's an excellent resource for making clothes and such). Anyway, this year we're growing chicory - I don't have a clue what it is, and I've yet to do any research on it, but I think it has something to do with a sugar supplement or something.

Oh oh oh-being the total computer geek that I am, I finally registered a domain name for myself-introducing geekboi.com. I really don't have any idea on what to put on it now that I've registered the domain. Call me stupid, I know-it's just so difficult to decide what to put up-it kinda sux. I was thinking about putting something personal up there, but t hen again there are so many personal sites up on the net nowadays that I don't think it would be too interesting for the general population of the Internet-at least, that's my reasoning.

An-y-way-going back to talking about the people I've met... First and foremost: Mary Numero Uno-Shevon-she's absolutely the greatest- I met her on the Internet, I think. She was so cool as to let me stay at her house overnight once, and now she says I'm always welcome-her house is so much fun, and she's one of the greatest nicest and most beautiful people on the face of this planet.

Rodney-Queen Mary-what can I say about Rod? He's a BITCH! Hehe-but that's not a bad thing-this boy is very nice, and he's got literally an endless supply of insults that he can throw at anyone. I have ultimate respect for this boy because of the fact that he can think so extremely fast-you can't out-insult my Mary. It's weird too because behind all the insults, he's a totally sincere guy offering the best of his advice when you need it-and he's always willing to listen to you seriously whenever you need it.

Gregory-Princess Mary-he's got a beautiful fashion sense. He shops at Le- Chateau-like me hehehe. The boy is a total sweetheart and he's my podium/cage dancing partner. I think I stole him from Shevon, but I don't think she minds too much. The boy can DANCE and he's got a fashion sense, and he's a firm believer in the fact that Vodka is NOT just a morning beverage.

Christopher-Mary-OOOriginal-penis penis penis-that's his favorite quote :P This boy DEFINES the word SEXY, and I'm not even lying. Although he has NO ass (did I say that?), he makes up for it in personality. Christopher is the total life of the party, whether we're partying or not. He's not afraid to show his feelings towards people and isn't afraid to be blunt with people if necessary.

Tony-He's another boy with an awesome fashion sense who works at bootlegger. Beautiful blue eyes and perfectly done eyebrows. He's one of the other lucky marys that has the privilege of being pregnant as well, though we're still not sure on where exactly this child was conceived. He's not afraid to say what he's thinking so you always know if you're making a dreadful fashion mistake or whatever. Tony is the mary that I've know for the longest-definitely one of the most beautiful people I've ever met.

David-Butch, but with a fashion sense-at the time of this writing he's wearing his fag boots with and awesome bright orange shirt. He's got awesome sunglasses that I wish I had, and his parents are the most awesome people in the world. David bring his friends into his house and his parents sit down and talk to them all-they are the most open minded people in the world, and this trait definitely was passed on to David. David's sister is equally as open and beautiful, and CAN SHE DANCE! YOU GO GIRL!

Note-Rodney and Christopher are due to be married soon-Shevon is the best man, and I'm the ring bearer, I think. Rodney and Chistopher have one child already-lovingly named and conceived when they were both pissed drunk. NAME: Jose. SIZE AT BIRTH: bigger than a large pizza, with more toppings too.

There are of course more people that I've met-and they all rock-many of them from online who I've been talking with for a while for a while, and they're all as awesome offline as they are online.

I suppose I should explain this Mary thing to all of you, but to tell you the truth I don't know it all. Marys are obviously the superior beings, and Rhodas are people who... are not. Examples of the Mary/Rhoda naming systems in use today include a scene in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. I'M THE MARY-YOU'RE THE RHODA!

CAN YOU NOT WAIT?! Summer vacation is almost here! You know what sux big time though? Where I live at least, I have go to school until June 24th, or something like that, and then I've got exams after that. I don't know why they've changed the format so we got off later now, but hey-whatev-we probably start later-though I haven't really looked into it.

Anyway, yeah-summer-I'm not sure whether I mentioned this before or not, but anyway-something I find weird... when I think of summer, a specific smell comes to mind-VANILLA AND COVERGIRL... isn't that weird? I mean, I am SEMI normal, and things like hotdogs (hehe) and sunscreen still come to mind, but a mixture of Vanilla and Covergirl seem to be the most prominent. Heh-let's just leave it at the fact that I'm weird, and I need help.

Oooh oooh ohhh-I died my hair children! It's purple, and I think I'll have pictures up by the time you all read this-mind you the color is dark enough so you can't really see it in a fluorescent lit room or in the dark. I didn't wanna go outRAGEOUS because I know that when I do that, someone is gonna die or something and I'll be stuck going to a funeral with some bright green color in my hair or something.

Heh-living the closeted life that I live, I just found out that you have to be 21 to drink in the states! SUX TO BE YOU#$(%*&$%&(*$!!! Actually, I don't really drink anyway-but anyway-back to the point I was making-I was just recalling St. Patrick's day when I was with my friend Jamsie in Windsor, and all of the 19 year old American children were driving across the border so they could get drunk for the evening-and I'm thinking-what's the point? Many of them probably got alcohol poisoning and almost died anyway.

Ja ja ja-so I don't know if I've mentioned, but I'm writing this from on VIA RAIL heading to London-I love the train, and it's cheap-there really is not a better way to travel when you're going long distances if you wanna travel for cheap. I get to see my marys this weekend and go to the bar-hopefully my marys doesn't forget to bring me my ID. I get to see my shevon and my rodney and everyone... AHHH! It's gonna be so much fun. Anyway-there's supposed to be lesbian on her way to London as well, but I don't know if she's taking the train or whether she's driving, but driving and stuff can just be so dangerous- I dunno-especially the way I drive at 160km/hour.

Did I ever mention the fact that I don't like children at all? They piss me off wayyyyy much sometimes, and right now because I'm travelling economy, I've got a little puke sitting behind me saying "AIE CHIHUAHAH." Thank goodness that I don't ever have to worry about dealing with these little pukes being spawned to me because I won't be getting any women pregnant-you know-there's NO downsides to being kay :) WHOO HOO...

Again I feel that I haven't really written about a topic-but apparently that's what makes my articles so interesting if you could say that.

If I had to choose a song this month that I would recommend that you all listen to, that song is definitely going to be SASH!-anything by SASH!... it doesn't matter which song you listen to because you're gonna be instantly hooked to SASH!'s amazing sound-at least that's my opinion-and I KNOW that you all value that-don't you... DON'T YOU?

Oooooh and don't let me forget to thank you guys, the people who read my senseless rambling! I apologize again for last month... that article sucked big time, and I got like NO feedback on it, as lame as it may be...




Jeffie is a 17 year old geeky boi from Chatham Ontario Canada. His interests include sleeping, working, and that's about it. He's going to PRIDE THIS SUMMER (which is going to be on when this comes out) and he's going to have the TIME OF HIS LIFE. SHOW THE WORLD YOU EXIST! There's no sense complaining if you're not going to do anything about it.

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