June 2000

Ok I think its a bout time I get around to writing my article this month. OK, first of all; no I am not trying to commit suicide, nor have I tried. I wrote that last month because a friend of mine was trying to commit suicide because he is gay and like I said it's not the answer to your problems and in case there is anyone out there who has thought about it, I hope they think more and realize that.

Also I am not some sick freak because I have a fetish or liking to be tied up, hell I love foreplay, because for me it brings sex to a deeper level than sweating all over one another just for a minute of pleasure as you cum inside one another. Well anyway I read something kind of humorous in a newspaper article that said that male birth percentages has decreased (too bad) and gay society percentage has increased and the hypothesis they have for this is certain pollutants are getting into developing babies and destroying male chemicals and characteristic. I think that's such a bunch of bullshit and can't believe they put that shit in a newspaper.

I have recently become accustomed to watching Will & Grace, which a lot of people have complained is insulting to gays, which I guess if you tried to let it be, it is but hey I am desperate to see anything having to do with gays. But I love the show and I think it should be on more than once a week and also there should be a Jack and Karen show cause they are the only good characters, or so I think. Oh and I am still really in need of a boyfriend, in fact I am so desperate I am almost considering calling this one guy I went out with for like a week who only wanted me for sex. But I plan to stay a virgin until I know it's the right guy and he's not patient so he didn't like that one. Well anyway I thought I was ready and he was the guy so I had him come to a party of mine and he was spending the night (alone *wink wink nod nod*) but he ended up getting blown by some girl right there in front of me (proving he's a slut like I'd heard and probably not safe) and that pretty much ruined it.

But anyway back to my point, I was almost desperate enough to try and get back together with him. Well what can you do, I guess just let life take its course and since I am probably not ready and would just end up disappointed because I can't have a relationship on the level I want. Well until then take care.

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