June 2000

Two Great Friends

In the last two months, I have had the opportunity to write to two great people. We seemed to have a lot in common, but at the same time, our lives were so different. They found me through Oasis. At first I was only writing to one, then after sometime, the other, his boyfriend, started writing me. I am not going to go into details about their lives, there is no need. I am going to say that one of them did not want me to know his identity, but I figured it out anyway which really scared him. It took sometime for him to realize I was never going to let anyone know who he was.

So, the one got scared and asked his boyfriend not to write me. So, after a few more e-mails, he stopped writing. Then after sometime, the boyfriend started writing me. Well, to make a long story short, they found out and ended up having a big fight over me, and they broke up. I wrote to them both urging them to reconsider and trying to explain if it was anyone's fault, then it was my own. Well, after a cooling off period, they decided to seek counseling, but agreed it was best for them to not continue to write me. So I wrote them one last e-mail. In it I explained how sorry I was that everything worked out the way it did, and that we could not continue to be friends. Then I recently got an e-mail from them letting me know how well the counseling was going, and that they have worked things out.

At first I was upset and a little mad at the way things worked out and at the fact that I was not going to be hearing from them. But now I have come to realize that to love someone and to care for someone, as I did them in some way, is to know when to have to let that person go. I know it is odd and kind of goes against what your feelings are, but sometimes it is just best for everyone involved. I do hope that they at least continue to update me every so often on how there lives and relationship is going, but I do understand there need to stop writing.

I never thought I would feel this way about someone who I only ever talked to online, and who I never even meet. I have talked to many different people online, and have made many great friends, but this seemed different somehow. I sure hope they read this and realize what great friends I thought they were. And I will always wish them the best.

Something else this experience has taught me was how lucky I am. Sure I have had many problems, and I really have no friend who are like me who I can talk to and hang out with, but yet I am very lucky. I am very lucky to have a decent paying job, a caring family, and just life itself. I never know when I leave to go to work in the morning if I will be coming home. You never know when the life of a loved one may be tragically taken away. I just feel lucky for what I have.

I know this has not been much of an article, but its just something I had to get out. I hope maybe after reading this, people will be a little more thankful for what they have. If anyone would like to write me and let me know how lame or great this was, I would love to hear from them. You can e-mail me at: tyler4us@hotmail.com I always try my best to write everyone back.

See ya'


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