July 2000


Well it’s been a very interesting month. Quite a bit has happened these past weeks so I’ll do my best to convey them to you in an intelligible manner.


One of the major things that I’ve been through (which I think I alluded to last month) was my exams. All in all I think they went pretty ok although if I had done more revision I probably would have done better. One of the really annoying things that has happened is that the results aren’t actually published until late June yet we are required to move out of halls several days before. It’s not too bad for me since I don’t live that far away from the university, but to some people that would be extremely inconvenient. You can drop off a self addressed stamped envelope at the office but considering that each student pays £1000 in fees I can’t understand why they can’t be bothered to pay less than £1 per person to post the results to you.

The Research Assignment

Those of you who read last month’s column know that I was having some problems with the research thing in New Jersey. Well the good news is that it looks like it’s gonna be ok. The work permit has been sorted out so now I can start arranging the visa and booking the flight and finding a place to live (more that in a moment). I don’t think I’m going to have anymore problems but you can never be too sure… Anyway I’m starting to get really excited. I’m already consolidating all the programming stuff that I know, I definitely do not want to end up looking like an idiot. This is particularly important since the work I will do there will count towards my degree (being able to make this happen is what allowed the work permit to come through). I’ve got two weeks at home; hopefully that will be enough time to get everything sorted out. So I should be writing my next article from the east coast of the US!


I’m going to be homeless next year. Assuming, of course, that I can’t find a place to live. The people I thought I would be living with actually didn’t want me around, but rather than tell me that, they just didn’t bring up the matter in my presence. The idea was that after a while I’d take the hint. I’ve actually lost all respect for them because of that (which I interpret as cowardice) and I also doubted myself as a result. Fortunately I have a wise and extremely perceptive friend (it’s good to use that word and not just mean an acquaintance) who used kind words to show me that I shouldn’t waste time and energy mulling over these people’s rejection.

Not being in London is going to make finding a place harder but I’ve decided that with the money I’ll earn working abroad I should be able to get my own place (and before you say anything I do intend to put a sizeable amount of it in a savings account ‘for the future’). This is definitely a big step for me and I just know that my mother is not going to approve. She will insist that I move in with my older brother. I can tell you now that is not going to happen. I’ve already had to do that before and it was absolute hell. I have no intention of subjecting myself to that torture again.

I’m going to start looking properly in August since that will give me some time to get settled in to my work first.

One of the interesting things about my life these days is that things are constantly in a state of flux. What I thought I could take for granted one minute, I can no longer rely on the next. While this definitely makes things harder to deal with, it also makes life much more interesting.


Does that remind anyone of a curse?

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