July 2000

Well, I guess I should bring you up to date diary. I live in a small hick town that has several times been the home of Klu Klux Klan rally. Some of the names in the future will be changed to protect the innocent, my town sees me as guilty so my name will not be changed. I am 14 year bisexual female and I am forced to keep it a secret. Well, I was until a tragedy occurred which I will get to.

Diary, I remember the first time I was with a girl from my town. Her "name" was Marri. We were lying in bed talking at one in the morning and the next thing I knew, well, you get the idea. Marri is very attractive and has a great personality so when she started this stuff I REALLY didn't mind at all. One thing led to another and when we woke up we were both nude in each others arms. We forgot that as a prank Marri's neighbor boy, Jonny, likes to look in her window at all hours of the night. Monday at school, Marri got there first, was confronted and claimed I had raped her. Luckily no adults heard that malicious rumor but the student body heard loud and clear.

That was the day I was forced to admit my bisexuality. I told the truth, but they believed her. I lost all but one or two of my gal-pals and all my guyfriends were hounding me for video tape. I was beat up that day in the locker room too. All the girls made me wait outside for them to change.

Well, dearest confidante I bid you adieu until next entry. I will tell the conclusion to this story also. Toodles!



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