Miguel Solana

July 2000

Hey, I know I haven't written in a while, and I feel a little bit bad about that. Right now my vacations are on, and I'm not exactly in Mexico, but in Europe. I got the precious opportunity of coming here to travel to some countries over these two months, and here I am in Germany right now.

Lots of things happened over the last weeks, I finished my first year if college, it really went fast, I recall thinking about how my life would change, and it did, but somehow it's taken a direction it really needed. Now the bigger things in my life start to draw in the future, like getting a job, like an adult life, and when I see myself here, thousands of miles away from home, I'm amazed by how much I've done until now in this path called life and how much there left to do.

My last weeks of school, were pretty hectic, I just tried to survive through them, it's usual that over on finals time, something will happen to me and I'll be a little bit distracted, that didn't happen this time, and I got through everything. Right after being done with school, I flew over to this continent, and things hare really have been emotional, I think the fact of being in a place I had never been before, new faces, food, traditions, and simply a different way of life, makes you think about how this world is so amazing. There's a place for everyone, for the old and new, for the active and the passive, so much to learn, from history, to other forms of thinking, behaviors, how people I've found here have truly been so warm to me, as I never expected them to be. So I'm impressed by the warmth of this world to me, by the gloom and life at the same times of its cities. I've really seen this as a wonderful experience, I'm exploring something I hadn't before, seeing myself in a new life, with new faces and emotions, so this is it, a new phase in my life, something that truly is leaving footprints in my soul, that makes me realize there will always be new emotions to discover, new faces, and simply that will of keep living and discovering this world.

As always you can contact me, complains about my lack of depth in this writing, sharing new things with me will always be open, reach me at cranguy@yahoo.com


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