July 2000

Greetings and salutations!

I hope the summer is going well for all you Oasitizens out there.

What shall I discuss this month? I'm not sure!;) Let us go to the issue of gay adoption for a moment.

Why is it so taboo for a gay couple to want to have children?

Many fundamentalists and right wingers say that a child in a gay household will grow up to be gay him/herself! How is that plausible when all of us who are "this way" will attest to the fact that you aren't taught a certain lifestyle, but, rather, are born that way?

I love children. Would I like to be a parent? I suppose so, though the idea isn't really appealing to me right now [I cannot picture a child calling me "mommy" !!] I continue to wait for one, just one, real, non-hysterical reason the anti-gay adoption activists want to ban adoption among gays.

The following, in my opinion, are not "real."

"Children need a male and female balance to have a normal life"- Wrong. 50% of all couples divorce in our nation today.

"Gays will teach their children to live such lifestyles"-Wrong again. Homosexuality isn't "taught" or "learned." It is, as far as I can tell, a natural occurrence. It is not a choice.

"Gays molest children!"-No, gays have sex with other gays. Child molesters molest children.

"Gays have habits which are unsuitable for children to be exposed to"- Such as? Somehow, I picture a few anti-gay adoption activists thinking that all gay couples engages in various orgies and other wild sexual practices, whereas straight couples are your typical Ward and June Cleaver. Who knows? Maybe all of this obscure sex is what the right wingers think about when they use the cliche term, "gay agenda?" On that note, do you realize that some of them actually believe we have a literal gay agenda just lying around somewhere?

*The Wanderer's Gay Agenda*

Christ. Sorry, folks, we are not the evil villains you make us out to be. We are normal human beings who just happen to do things a little differently in the privacy of our own homes. We don't molest or influence little children. We just live our lives.

Get over it.

The Wanderer


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