You belong/to me

By Michael Walker

For enough for me, it would have to be
another style for me, something besides me --
another grammar for me and these sides
of me, these ribs of mine, adjourned by your own?
(and while that was forever, it took just a minute).

In the breakers of my crashing dream, you were with
my body, taking the beach to the hillside, that
Aruba of mine to that Haworth of your own:
treating these thoughts as precious in your mind.
This time, I know we're feeding greedily off each other's strength and being bashful beside each other's consternation.

In time, we're bound to let loose of all time --
beside me on St. Julian Street in the late afternoon, you're now towards the accession beyond even the greatest of fears -- we're at last clear to be begin our designs of the heart, to impart each morning's monstrosities on a growing saga of these lives bridged by incumbent desire.

--for Max


"Desire: self portrait, by Mike Walker. This picture is one of many self portraits I have done over the last nine years or so. Cindy Sherman and Nan Goldin have been my primary photographic influences and their use of self portraits as metaphor for internal expression of emotions, including sexual ones, has blazed the trail for much of the ground I want to cover as a visual artist."

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