EJ Chasse

August 2000

Dear Readers,

After a long long break, I am back. If you had not noticed... I have transferred schools. Main reason is that I felt that is was time to take control over my life again. So, that's that, no more PSU, no more fraternity, no more gay community (for now), just me and my work.

So I am not sure what to do now. I am running more and more. I love running and will hopefully be competing this fall. I am writing more and more poetry and lyrics, however I am not sure what that is going to be doing for me in the future. Two things that are now mostly absent from my life are alcohol and random sex. Which is a good thing... So for those who have wondered what happened to me, not much.

So now to my topic of the month...


Everyone finds crossroads in their lives. Some people find themselves faced with decisions in terms of jobs, some people face with decisions with their choice of colleges. I am at the point in my life where there is nothing holding me down. I have nothing at PSU to keep me there, I have nothing in Gettysburg to keep me there, and Mansfield offers me only cross-country to really attract me. So I thought about running away from everything and starting over.

I sit here and wonder what really is the path not taken. The whole running away thing, or the sticking to my guns and pushing through school. I hear of all these teens and young adults running from everything they knew and starting over, and really making something out of themselves, and then I also hear the stories of people who had the determination to work with what they had to make something good for themselves.

While this seems like it's a fairly personal subject, it's not. I often wonder which path is going to do the most for me. Many people say college is the only way to go... well with that attitude, you are just following the millions of sheep in this country who do not think for themselves and let society decide their fate for them. If you run away, you are a coward who can't hack college. One way everyone goes and does basically the same, the other way you are really out on your own with no one to help you but yourself. Anyone who is recently out of High School has this complex decision. And after two years of college, I don't know if it has gotten any easier for me.

Either way, I know I will make it, I am just trying to do something for myself. But taking the path not taken is a way to truly set myself apart...

For those who face similar, good luck. Believe it or not with some hard work and patience, you can reach your goals either way.

Evan J. Chasse


P.S. Don't let anyone make the decision for you: Boys will come, boys will go... stick up for yourself, and the truth you will know.

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