August 2000


OK, I’ve rewritten this thing twice now and it’s way past the submission deadline. So I’m just going to let rip and see how it goes.

Well it is official. This time next week I will have set foot on American soil for the very first time. That means that by the time you read this I will have begun my six month stint in the US.

I’ll be going out with friends for the last time on Monday. I’m actually a bit surprised by their behaviour. They seem genuinely unhappy that I’m leaving. Partly because I’ve never been completely honest with them, I didn’t really consider them close friends until recently. I think my experiences at university this year have jaded me somewhat. But after last night I think it would be insulting to put my friends in my home city in the same category as many of the individuals I encountered in London. It’s going to be strange not seeing these guys for so long. But there’s still email. Not quite the same but it’s not that bad.

I would like to step out of my self-absorption for a moment and take this opportunity to mention the people who have taken the time to write to me. I really appreciate the emails I receive. It’s both nice and a little strange to think that there are actually people who hanging on my every word. (Well maybe not hanging but certainly taking the time to read this stuff). I really enjoy receiving emails and will answer all missives I receive. (Perhaps not as promptly as I should, but I will answer, I promise!)

Ok back to me. And the coming adventure. I just realised that the last time I did something remotely like this was when my parents sent me to Nigeria when I was eight for two years. I didn’t know it at the time but they were actually sending me ahead before they moved back for good. I can’t even imagine how my life would be if they hadnt decided to stay in the UK. I definitely would not have had nearly as many opportunities as I do now. It’s really interesting the major events which can occur that can fundamentally change the course of our lives but which we have absolutely no control over. What would my life be like if I hadn’t got this US research thing? How has my life been irrevocably altered as a result of my going? I don’t know. Perhaps I will never really know. At best I can only guess. But isn’t that what life’s about?

One thing I’ve noticed is that (with me anyway) life changing occurrences don’t necessarily sink in with me immediately. I mean from the way I’m acting you wouldn’t know I was going anyway. I haven’t even really finished packing properly! Perhaps instead of remarking incredulously at this I should put down this laptop and start the job.

You know what? That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

See you next month!


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