Lincoln Ho

August 2000

I hope that you are all having a blasting summer right now. This column might not get in because I’m sending it in late once again but trying is worth it, eh?

So I was going to talk about my camp wasn’t I? Well, the camp went great and I was a lot more satisfied with it than the previous two camps, as you may have read about in my previous columns.

Anyway, so as it goes, I was fortunate to be selected to go to the National Space Course in St. Jean, Quebec. The experience was somewhat a unique one, mainly because of the new environment that I was in. Not only was the place dominated by Francophones, but this camp was not on a military base and there were many weird rules at that place. However, what I enjoyed most was that I didn’t have to share a room with like 8 other people. I only had a roommate for 3 weeks.

My roommate and I had a great relationship from the start of the camp and it stayed pretty much the same throughout the course of the 21 days I spent in St. Jean. My "secret" if you’d like to call it that was somehow leaked out by someone unknown and it was fine. There wasn’t any major reaction. It was great… I finally was treated normally. But of course, there’s always those homophobic pricks that stand out. No names mentioned but they were pretty rude to me after they found out. The French males were just immature about it and made jokes, yes, there were enough English there for me to understand the course.

I ended up as one of the cadets on the top end of the course. I was chosen right off the bat to have a meal with the commanding officer of the camp and made the drill team of 24. In my agency, I got the second highest mark of 83.3%. I was chosen to be on the executive committee for two of the three commanding officer’s parades, and I was the squadron commander for my graduation parade. This is something that many strive for, but few get. And just for the record, I’m probably the only openly gay guy to have a high place among the crowd…

OK, OK, that was my 15 minutes taken up right there. I’m not conceded. I just wanted to show that anyone can reach for their goal and accomplish it, ANYONE can, and ANYONE will. Will this anyone be YOU?

I’m not into gay pride or anything but to any of you queer teens out there who are afraid that you’ll get trampled over, you’ll learn to pick yourself up again and eventually run to the finish line with a crowd behind you. You may have to let some people pass through, but everyone will eventually get there. It took me all my entire cadet career to get myself the executive.

No, I’m not encouraging anyone to come out of the closet, I’m just encouraging you all to take risks and step ahead to be part of the future and to build that common goal that all of humanity wants to achieve socially, to eliminate the differences that stop us from advancing to a better place.

That’s all of my column for this month. I hope I didn’t bore you all. Thank you to everyone who responded to my July column. Big hugs for y’all, but my friend is not gay and I really enjoy the mutual relationship we have together. Please visit my website and sign my message board! http://i.am/lincolnho My e-mail and all that goes with it is all on the site as well.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and god bless you all!

Lincoln Ho

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