August 2000

You wrote a song and I wish it were about me, Straight Boy, I don't know you all that well and outside we've got fucking chauvinists outside aggression and there is your duct tape of sentimental ...this is me God dammit on the inside of my heart. Just thinking of you erases my cracks because I've fallen so hard and so fast for you you you u-turns and watches me. I'll never understand why you wanted a picture of me in the living room in nine hours I'll leave My Blue Heaven fuck I can imagine you and I kissing I can imagine you moving to me- I want you to come here- I'm listening to overlap right now just for you I wish we would overlap venn diagrams on the bed nothing sexual just a hug for me and you and the grass and the trees in this place this Blue Heavens and we could return to our lives like Aphrodite and the ocean you wont drown I promise the mirror in front of me is cracked in two places you crack me you and your fucking acoustic guitar I hope your thick fingers catch the splinters I wish I could touch your hair and have a conversation I wish you were him I wish a lot of things but I can't see shooting stars from this window and you are downstairs shouting I'd assume you kept me up last night asshole I remember how your downstairs guitar played softer and got louder I fell in love with you in the vacuum between 1:45 and 2:00

my city is breaking pass words for me like salad like gas that my spine won't break when everything folds back into place

you are my one safe place and this is so fucking superficial but your eyes are amazing david told me you were straight though



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