Mike S.

August 2000

Where Did AUGUST Come From?!

Just today, with horror, I realized that August is quickly approaching! That means end of summer vacation! That means last year of school! That means homework! That means...graduation! *cue scary music here*

Ok, enough freakin' out. It's not here yet, and I still have almost a full month and a half to enjoy myself, which I plan on doing. I'm going to jazz camp at the end of the month, so unfortunately, I won't be able to tell you about it until next month. Know this, though: I'm going have lotsa fun! I'm rooming with a really cute guy (once again, as I said last month about Boys State, I PROMISE to behave). There's going to be lots of cool people there, and lots of friends from previous years...AND that *REALLY* cute drummer. Don't get me started on him...woo!

New Band

By the time that you read this, I'll have been in a new band for about a month (give or take a week). It's a rock / funk / jazz oriented group. So far, I've been received really well; the band really needed me on the particular instrument I'm playing. I'm only happy to offer my services. I get to help with writing songs and getting this group sounding like a million bucks (we're still working on the latter, however). I don't have much else to do, so I figured, why not? The bass player and the drummer are cute, so at least I have some eye candy (always a welcome thing).

We haven't spoken too much in the way of gigs, but that comes later. We just have to get sounding good. They seem to know what appeals to the people of today (Lord knows I don't), so they're taking care of the "hipness" department, while I am the guy that deals with the guts of the music. Chords, harmony, etc. It's great to hear something that I write out come to life in a live band; I can't even begin to explain to you! You see music come to life, and it's so gratifying to see an idea mature from start to finish.

Rediscovering old CDs

I've found myself doing this a lot this summer. There are some true gems of jazz that I have in my unvast collection that I relistened to, and with older and wiser ears, I learned to appreciate them a lot more. Truly good music is timeless -- it bridges the gap between generations, it unites people, it touches you in a way that nothing else quite can, and most of all, it speaks to you. It sends a message to everybody, should they decide to listen for it. The great thing is that not everybody hears the same thing; this makes it even more powerful. The fact that it can be interpreted in so many ways by so many people shows that...well, it shows that we're all individuals, we're all human, we're all beautiful and have something to offer to the world.

Message for all

There's so much in life that we neglect, forget, or simply don't do. When was the last time you *really* paid attention to the nature around you? Whether you live in the suburbs, the sticks, or anyplace else, there's always something to appreciate in nature. Take the time to do that this month. Open up your eyes, heart, and mind, and you'll be rewarded accordingly.

Tell the people that matter how much they mean to you. You never know what's going to happen, you never think it's going to happen to you, but if it does...

Don't ever be afraid to try new things out. The one thing about life is that it changes throughout its course. It's a great thing, though. Everytime you have an opportunity to change, you have the opportunity to better yourself, and anybody that doesn't want to better themselves are stuck in the past, and are prone to be bitter, boring, and dull.

When confronted with the decision, "Should I or shouldn't I?" remember these words: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do."


Boy, this sure turned out in a way that I didn't expect! But hey, one of the joys of writing. You start somewhere, do a helluva lot of moving around, and end up someplace else. As always, thanks for all the E-Mail, and if I don't answer you for some reason, yell at me! You have my permission. If you guys take the time to write me, the least I could do would be to return the favor; I would be amiss if I didn't. For those of you that haven't written yet, jump on the bandwagon! It's fun, free, and we both meet new people. I write so that I can reach people on a personal level, and if I've done so, please let me know. It's always so much fun to hear from people, you have no idea! Thanks for sticking with me, guys. All of you enjoy the rest of the summer, and we'll see ya when school is back in!

God Bless,



Mike is a 17 year old, semi-closeted individual living with his mom and stepdad. He is interested in music, computers, music, reading, music, writing, writing music, listening to music, composing music, arranging music, and other music related things. Mike enjoys feedback and would like to hear from you, and can be reached via ICQ: #56413145 or by E-Mail: Mike_17@gay.com

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