August 2000

Ok first I have to apologize about my last article.... I'm SOOOOOOOO SORRY!!! I had been pissed off and depressed all week and I was thinking about my x, so I stereotyped gays by combining what I know about him and what I see on TV and I hate that! I'm so sorry!

What to write????

You guys have to check this site out! IT kicks a$$ .... http://www.mogenic.com/ ..... It's an up-to-date modern gay youth page. Its not that 80's bullshit which is written by 48-yr. old guys who think they know what we're going through. It's new, its modern and it relates to us. They have tons of cool shit including Ryan's Life, a story about "a gay 15 year old boy coming to terms with his sexuality during the start of a new school year, and a relationship with his first boyfriend." Which is phat. You should definitely check it out!!!! It's worth it I promise. WOOO hooo! I'm no longer a freshmen and you know what that means....only two more years after this until I no longer have to deal with the homophobic b.s. most gays face on a dally bases at high school.!!!!!!! YEA! Well I am out of things to say already. But sorry once again!



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