August 2000

Well here goes. My first chance at writing for a magazine that people all across the world will read. My name is Rob and I am Bisexual. I found out I was Bi sexual in my second year at high school (year 8) as I had an experience with a friend. I told my other friend about this experience as I was in a state of confusion and he was really cool about it all. So that was that for two years.

One day out of the blue the friend who I had told decided to tell my other best friend about what had happened. Not a nice thing to do, but that's what he did. Well, as you can imagine, word spread quicker than jam does on a piece of toast and within days the whole year group was gossiping. I bunked school for two weeks and fortunately my school was going downhill at the time and my mum wanted me to change schools. I applied to my new school and was not sure whether I would get in as it is a half-hour train ride away and is 20 miles from my home. It is also a selective school but I got in. It was the first school I had been to outside of London. I had to go back to my old school for three days before I knew I got in as Mum found out I was Bunking and the school could not send my attendance record off to my new school until I came back in! Those three days were hell. I still skipped lessons and was so badly bullied, I even got spat on. I was horrible. I did not know exactly when I was leaving but knew I would be.

On the Friday (the third day I was back in school) I phoned my mum at lunch time and she told me the school wanted me to start that Monday, I told her YES!!!!! And left my last school without saying goodbye to my friends. I told staff I was leaving but that was it. I was so happy but that last lesson on the Friday was hell everyone kept shouting things at me and my concentration was not on the work I was doing. I could have missed that lesson but I thought I would serve my last lesson at that dreadful school.

My new school is brilliant. I have nearly been there for two years and as it is so far away and is a private school everyone lives all over the place so I never go anywhere where the old kids from school hang out. I have only told one friend who is a girl about the experiences of my old school and I am so much happier. I got threatening phone calls and a call from my gossiping ex-best friend saying that he could not cope and the fact I deserted him was terrible but I told him where to stick it. I still have down days, I know people have suffered much worse but I still have a fear which I shouldn't. I know I am bi but lack the courage to come out to my new friends as they could treat me the same way. I don't think they would but they might!

Please E-mail me thescullster@hotmail.com if you have had a similar experience or just to chat.

Rumours have a wonderful ability to change and become a lot worse. Friends believe rumours above you, which hurts the most. At the end of the day a friend is someone who you believe and can trust, something you did not find at my old school, so think are you a friend or a social outlet to the people you hang out with?

Ask yourselves that.




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