August 2000

Last Month

Well, as you can see, I did not write an article last month. I did not write for a few reasons. For one, I ran out of time. For another though, I was really kind of pissed off at the people who read these articles. Now I know that is not a good thing to say if I want people to read mine (which I'm sure they don't). But anyway, for June, a friend of mine wrote an article under an assumed name. He did this for the same reasons all of the rest of us do. Well, damn near every person who wrote to him was only interested in who he was, not what he had to say or that he wanted to help people like us.

He was really interested in helping people and thought that maybe that would be a good way to do it. Now not everyone can be 'out' and free. I know I have that same problem. So, after talking to him and assuring him that he would not have a problem if he wrote, I look like a jerk because he had a big problem when he wrote. I somehow feel it was my fault. He expressed an interest in writing, but was very weary of doing so, and I talked him into doing it. Now he has decided not to write anymore because he feels it would not be worth his time if all people are going to do is play twenty questions to guess his identity. We should all feel ashamed for being so selfish in only caring about a person's identity, and not in what they had to say.

Gay Days

Okay, on a lighter note. I had the great pleasure of going to my first ever 'gay event'. I went with a friend to Gay Days at Disney World. Let me tell you how much fun it was. I loved every minute of it. Seeing all the happy people walking around wearing their red shirts. I don't own a red shirt so I wore my red hat! I have never seen so many gays and lesbians around in one place....it was great. I saw a few kids walking around with shirts that read "I love both my moms.", and even a few entire families dressed in red. (BTW, for those of you not familiar with Gay Days, everyone wears red shirts to show their gay pride). I am already making plans for next year.

In Closing

In closing, I had the first death in my immediate family last month. My great grandfather died. I have gone all these years with out having to deal with it. I know he wanted to go, and he went peacefully in his sleep, so that makes me feel better. I just wonder if I should have told him about my secret before he died. He was an old German, so I don't know if he would have taken the news well, but I hate to know that I lied to him all those years. Oh well, that's all in the past.....and I'm sure he knows now!

So, to all those people out there who were so rude to my friend....you should be ashamed. People like you are not helping our cause. And to those of you who understand his reasons, thank you. And to all of you out there who actually want to write me after I wrote all that about you....well, you can reach me at tyler4us@hotmail.com

See ya'


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