Letter from the Editor -- August 2000

I know I've been saying it forever, but it looks like the new and improved Oasis will be launching in October. That is the target date. So, lots of work going into that. And, trust me, you will never look at OPasis the same after then...

Been busy this month, got to travel to New York City (where I got sick, which delayed this issue), saw 'N Sync at Madison Square Garden, caught a few plays, and got to have dinner with last month's cover, David Drake, who is an absolute sweetheart (no shock there).

I am totally obsessed with JT Leroy's book, which is the subject of this month's cover. I even bought one for my mother. I think he is a brilliant writer, and hope to continue talking with him...

Well, it's getting late, time to put this issue up and go to bed. :-)




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