By Timothy Wang

Mirror, Mirror on the Ball
Who is the buffest of them all?
Shirtless bodies packed wall to wall.
Suck up your gut, honey.
And don't let it fall.
As long as you are a fox,
Everyone is equal,
More equal than ever dreamed by Karl Marx.
It doesn't matter if you are raking in big bucks.
Or work the register at Starbucks,
Because for this Party, honey,
You do not need a tux.
Only things that matter are the dicks.
Honey, relax,
And have a hit of X.
It feels better than sex.
You can dance till six.
Or a smoke of grass,
You won't give a rat's ass,
About tomorrow's fuss.
Or drink a few Long Island ice tea,
Some guy's mouth is waiting for you to pee.
Or a bump of Special K,
Everything will be ok.
All worries just go away,
Until next day.
Well, honey,
There will be another party,
Till then, this party is here to stay.
This is our land,
Better than Grimm's fairy land.

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