September 2000

"Basically, I'm interested in friendship, sex and death."

Hey there, folks... sorry for my absence. I just graduated high school, which is probably the weirdest feeling on the planet. I've been working and saying goodbye the last two months, which has left me completely over-emotional and in no shape to write an article. But, now that I feel better, I'm back.

A lot of my friends are gone-I miss them. That's for damn sure. It's hard being someone who is based on their relationships and not have any relationships to base yourself on.

I start school soon. That's scary. COLLEGE. (Ooo... say it again.)

I miss the feeling of someone next to me. Why do I always feel like I need that? I guess it's human nature. But I need someone now, probably now more than ever. I'm carrying on what one might consider a long distance relationship, but it's not really. We both really do have feelings for each other, but she's in Hawaii, and I'm in NY. Doesn't make things easy. Especially for someone who needs something physical, tangible. I need something/someone I can hold onto at night. This is not even considering sex... (Oh, Jesus, sex. How I miss you... let me count the ways...)

I guess what I'm saying is I need somebody to be with. You'd think being bi, it wouldn't be that difficult, but I happen to be rather... particular. Plus, I'm going through a definite girl stage right now. (Sometimes I feel more strongly attracted to one sex or the other...But I switch back and forth.) I miss having a girl to kiss and to hold and to love. Does that make sense to anyone else?

Hello out there!! Where are you? And are you listening?

As Always,



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