September 2000

Jeremy from Ontario

Jeremy-Sept 2k

Hey everyone, I haven't been here 'like' forever!

Since my last column, a lot has changed (some for the better and some for the worst like always-_-) so I figured I would fill you all in.

Well, I'm getting closer to being out of the closet. I'm totally out online *yay* which is great cause I have met so many cool people. My ICQ list is one big queer gathering! *dies* I even have an 'online relationship' (why does that sound so dumb?) which seems to be going ok...*changes topic quickly* As for the real world......kinda. Two of my friends know I'm gay now. I'm thinking I'm going to make it obvious for people this year at school. I'm getting sick of not knowing anyone in real life that is like me which brings me to my next topic.....

Why do gay people have to be such..... whores? In my quest for a social life, I discovered there is a gay teen "motion" in my area. Well, kinda in my area, downtown Toronto actually, but anyway...I started going onto chat rooms for gay youths which I thought would be cool cause I might meet some peeps I could hang out with. WRONG! Every person I have talked to is just a big slut (well pretty much). Everyone wants to get in my pants, after we haven't even known each other for 5 minutes. I mean, I might be desperate, but I'm not going to just meet you so we can go you your place and fuck, mister. Doesn't anyone have any values? I for one (although sex would be nice) want a friendship/relationship more. What's sex gonna give me but STDs and gratification?? (which I can do quite well on my own thank you)

Do you think its fine to have all these one night stands? That's why I'm worried about getting into the club scene (gay club scene) and becoming friends with these people, I sure as hell don't want to end up like that.......mind you I'm SURE there are many very nice people out there as well, I'm just talking about my experiences so far.

Ahhh....Question number 2. Lets just say you have a very good long distance relationship going (hypothetically of course....) but you meet someone who lives closer to and you really like. Would it be wrong for the person to 'pursue' the closer guy to see if something could happen (sparks) or should the person just forget about the closer boi and keep with the good distance thing?

Ack! I have to go (plus I'm hungry) so ill talk to you peeps later and hopefully in e-mail.



PS= Is anyone here into anime?

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