September 2000

Hello all of you beautiful people at Oasis! Seems like forever since I last wrote (probably because it WAS...). Anyway, apologies to all for being gone. Let's just say I had an *interesting* past couple of months.

Well, to start off with, I had started dating this new guy named *Daniel* in April, which was a mistake to begin with because A) I was set up with him through a friend, and B) I'm not sure if we ever really liked each other. But hey, when you're gay and live in Virginia, you take what you can get. He was cute, though, very smart. The only problem was he lived an hour away, so we didn't get to see as much of each other as we would have liked to. We did go to my school Prom together, which was exceptionally interesting because we were the first and only gay guy couple in my school's history to go to Prom together. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed spending the entire night with him. After prom was fun too, except we were all very tired. I went home around 7am or so, went to bed, yadda-yadda. Anyway, I get a letter from him 3 days later which says that he wanted to brake up, which was fine by me because it just wasn't working out. He's a dancer and I'm an artist, which really don't conflict, but in that sense we never understood each other or the artforms that made up each other's life. I was just glad that we were both doing what made us the happiest...

....until I go to Nick's birthday party and see him sitting there.

I don't know if anyone remembers Nick or not, but he was the first guy I ever dated, and after we broke up, he denied he was gay and hasn't spoken to me in nearly eight months. Through some odd course of events, I was invited to his party this past weekend, which I thought might be a good chance for the two of us to make amends. There was just something about seeing my two ex-boyfriends together though that didn't make me want to rekindle the friendship.

Has this ever happened to anyone? It's bothering the hell out of me right now because I don't know anybody else who's gone through something like this. I just find it...odd... that they would be so chummy with each other. I mean, Nick denies he's gay still, and Daniel was *supposedly* my friend. So what's going on, I ask? A friend told me that perhaps it's all of my bad Karma coming back. Maybe...

Anyway, enough on that. I'm assuming by now that everyone has heard that Ellen and Anne have called it quits. I was just stunned to hear it, although part of me always felt that the two never made the best couple. Think of what this means, though. There is now no prominent gay couple. I mean, I know there are, but when someone said "famous gay couple", everyone thought back to Ellen and Anne. That's how ground breaking the two were together. I think that we owe so much to both of them, because they put themselves out to the world and said, "We don't care what you think, we're in love." Ellen changed so much, and I hate that her show got cancelled when it did. I guess the timing just wasn't right. I hope things work out for the both of them.

Alrighty (it's a southern word I've picked up down here), I just want to say one more thing before I go: WAY TO GO WILL & GRACE!!!!! 11 Emmy Nominations is fantastic! I can't wait for the new season this month. Will and Grace are moving back in together, and Jack is moving across the hall into Grace's. And what will happen to Jack and Rosario's marriage? *GASP!* Oh, the horror! Yeah, yeah, I'm a drama queen, sue me. Until next time!


Jerid is a 16 year old from Lynchburg (Falwell-ville) Virginia, and he wants the hell out. He welcomes your letters and/or one-way plane tickets from this God-forsaken town at InsaneRENTfan@juno.com

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