September 2000

Well I survived article two, everybody. Doesn't that make us all ecstatic? I just thought I'd die after article one, thinking no one'd respond. But, surprisingly, I got a lot of feedback from the last article; some negative, positive, some just... well I have no word for some of the stuff I got, lol.

So I was wondering what I'd write about; I tried to find a muse. And yes, I was totally prepared to write a mushy "I need love" article. I changed my screen name yesterday, which for me is a big thing, cuz just about everybody in my school has it. So I had to do a lot of stuff. And I couldn't risk anyone grabbing hold of my old e-mails, so I erased all 4,759 of them. (Now, where was I even going?)

Oh yeah, I remembered what I was gonna say. I was gonna write a love article because I read some old E-mails from the only person I've ever, and can ever love. But this isn't that. I'm writing about a friend of mine who was really troubled, and E-mailed me after reading my first article.

So I wanna share with the masses (or whatever small group may be reading this) my views on "coming out." Lemme first give you an intro... I never remembered being in a closet of any type. (I mean, I'm not talking literally!) I would tell the people that needed to know. If you were someone I could potentially get together with, I'd tell you that I'm gay/bi. If you hated gays, I would tell you, so that I didn't waste my time in a friendship that'd go nowhere. And I'd also tell people that ask me. I would be honest. So I never really remembered being in a closet.

Suddenly, someone that loathed me decided to out me to the whole school (which my sister goes to, as well!!) So, whatever. I was outed to the whole school and that's what helped me realize that sexuality is a total non-issue. I mean, sexuality is so overrated. Honestly, has a str8 guy ever gone up to you telling you he has a burning secret he has to confess, and it turns out that he's just str8? So then why do gay guys have to do that??? I feel only people that need/ask to know should be told, and no one else.

If you want your parents to know, tell them when you're ready to commit to someone of your sex, not at any other time. And I think that my sexuality is as inconsequential as my left pinkie. Sure I use it for fun, like putting on rings and stuff, but otherwise it has no value. I think the only people that should be bent out of shape on shouting to everyone on the hilltops they're gay are the gay activists.

So, in a nutshell, that's my theory on sexuality. It's a non-issue, that only matters to people that'd hate you for it, people that ask you about it, and potential mates. There's more to you then your sexuality.

Well, that's my little bit of wisdom for the month. Bye people!



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