September 2000

This is my debut column for Oasis and so I thought that, before I jump in to the whole topic part of this, I would tell you a bit about myself, so here goes: I am a 16yr old bisexual female who was born and raised in the lovely Northwestern State of Washington (I love the dancing barefoot in the rain part of Western Washington). I've two siblings (one of each sex), and two parents (one of each sex). Of these four people, only one knows the me which I keep from the general public. I spend very little of my free time on the net. Actually come to think of it, all I use the net as is a source for homo/bisexuality. I've never really been into chatting, not because I wouldn't like to, but more because I type about 6 words a minute (despite my having taken at least three typing courses). I enjoy e-mailing people though. As far as music goes, I will listen to anything and everything, as long as it sounds good to me and doesn't offend me. I especially like songs with confusing lyrics; if I don't know what the song is about I never get tired of it. I have unexplainable interests, such as the wonderful world of potatoes and I like the way the word cow sounds when said repeatedly. I find that a lot of what I do/say is often contradictory to other things I do/say. I try to put a lot of thought into everything I do, but you probably wouldn't be able to tell that if you were to hang out with me in person, I usually say and do what I feel when I feel it. With that said I plan to write a couple of my latest coming out stories.

Going on the vibe of 'I do what I feel' we'll start with: How I came out to the guy who is now my best friend. It was maybe the second week of October 1999 and I was talking on the phone with one of my science partners. Today, as it had been decided by our other science partner, was the day I was to ask Sunny what his sexual preference was. It was decided that I would do it, not because it was of importance to me, but rather because I love gay men. And so, I said, to a guy I had known for about six weeks, "Sunny, can I ask you something that might offend you?" "How much might it offend me?" He asked. "You don't really seem like the kind of person it would offend, so probably not much, but you never know." "Well, ask away then," he said sort of hesitantly. And so I did. At that time he answered that he preferred women {but I know the truth}. He then proceeded to ask me if it would have mattered. That's when I said something along the lines of, "Of course not, because I like women too." Was this smart? Here I was sharing a secret I had told no one in this city since I moved here in the last part of December 1998. I'd known him for around six weeks, and only because we had one class at school together. It doesn't sound smart, I know, but if you knew this boy, God if only you knew how fabulous he is you would understand that I'm not too stupid.

Okay, new story! (woo hoo! Don't we love story time?) How I came out to my current 'girlfriend'. (Note: my current girlfriend and I aren't really committed, but I still call her my girlfriend.) I was sitting in the hallway of school, at lunch, studying for a test I was supposed to have taken weeks before but somehow I had gotten out of it. Anyway, this chick, who I had purposely sought out, just to introduce myself with her, the previous Saturday (because it was common knowledge that she was bi.) was walking down the hall with some friend of hers who I had not met. I said hi to her, and then continued on with what I was doing. A few seconds later she and her friend came back and sat with me. We got to talking about everything and nothing and she, making fun of her friend, nonchalantly began raising her hand and said, "Who here's had sex with a women?" Me, being the honest, impulsive, and daring person I am decided that this would be a wonderful time to make my status known to this chick, and so I to raised my hand. Things with her just snowballed in to some sort of a relationship.

Well, now that I've taken years off all of your lives, I will end this submission.

lol & Luck,



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