September 2000

I'm happy, I'm gay, I was born this way. Wasn't it like that? Well, this song is like made for me! I am happy (most of the time), I am gay, I was born this way. I've never cried through the nights because the Bible says my feelings are wrong. The simple reason of that is that I'm not Christian. I live in a Christian country but the only thing I believe in is life itself and the only thing life tells me is that my feelings are perfectly right and I should just enjoy myself and have a good time while I'm still young and healthy- it doesn't matter how I do it as long as I'm not hurting anybody's feelings.

That's what I wanted to talk a little bit about in my first article in Oasis - gay teenagers who aren't Christian at all but are still expelled because of the Christian Bible. It is unfair that gay Christian people are thought to be sinners, but it is even more unfair that gay people that aren't religious, are banished because of some old book when they don't give a damn of it!

I have to say I feel sorry for the people who think gay people's feelings are disgusting, it's sad that they're so narrow-minded. But I know I'm lucky. My parents haven't got anything against gay people and I don't know of anybody of my closest relatives who has. The only people I know that have some homophobia (and then I don't count all the kids in school who say they hate gay people just to be cool, yeah, right, like it's cool) are the grandparents of my friend and my other friend's Dad. I can't stop myself thinking whenever I meet them "they wouldn't smile so friendly if they knew who I am". But usually I can get rid of these thoughts, and I can just feel sorry for them being so ignorant-because they are, really, my friend's Dad didn't even know there was anything called "bisexual" until my friend told him!

But as I say-I am lucky. The people I most care about haven't got anything against gay people and what the other people think I don't mind of. I'm not going to let anybody stand in my way because of the Bible, when I'm not even Christian myself. Sorry, all you people with prejudice! I don't give a shit for your opinions.

This was my angry little article. I hope I can write again next month. You are free to email me anytime, I would be glad to here from you.

Mariah....the true Oasis-fan...


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