September 2000

Hello all, for those that do not know a little bit about me from my last column in August, I'm Jonathan AkA Seth. I'm a 16 (17 in Dec) y/o Junior at Coronado High in Lubbock, Texas. I have lived in many different places.

I'm very proud to say that I have a lover that I have been with for 5 months, Which I feel is pretty good for a gay teen relationship and also adult gay relationships. I know that is sad to say but very true. My topic last month was my coming out and the internet. This time around is relationships... My next will be Homosexuality in my schools so stay n'sync.

I have met many people over the past 4 years that I have been out and I have learned a lot about people, and relationships.

I feel that it is sad that (no offense) lesbians have been known for the majority to stay with their lovers for years and years...and yet gay males are known to be bed hoppers and that is sickening and hurtful for me to think about. A lot of people wonder why so many gay male teens don't start off in the beginning with healthy relationships... it is because of the fact that they mostly hear about the guys that are sleeping around and stuff. This is how AIDS gets spread bois and gurls!~! I over the past three years have changed my views over what I wanted and what I looked at and what I thought of relationships. I went from the common slutty teenage boi that was messing with every young boi I could get my hands on to a boi looking to find a boifriend...not necessarily a LTR...to just wanting to date and have lots of fun and not be tied down to being one who looked (until I found) for a man to settle down with and spend as much of my life with. I have a lot of older friends that are couples due to the fact that they are what I respect... there's not many teenage gay relationships that last as LTR's I wish they did but it is very seldom...

I hope and pray that this will change that there are some gay males in this generation that will set a good example for the ones to follow and not leaving the "bang everything that isn't nailed down" example! I plan to be a relationship counselor and a sexuality counselor when I get older... this seems to be my nook. I hope and pray that everyone that reads this column knows that there is happiness out there and that you should never give up and don't let it get you down in life it takes it awhile to reach you. Love is something that is awesome and that is totally worth waiting on! Relationships are like games now days also...is this not sad to all of you???? I feel that this is very sad. I think that the games need to stop....communication is the key. These little mind games are only going to continue the pattern of dead-end relationships. Am I right?

A lot of people are the type that they want someone every once in a while to sleep with and maybe cuddle up with but when you think about it (if you have really had a serious relationship where you really cared for the person) Having someone that means a lot to you and that you love is so much more special and awesome. I know that teen males are horny due to their hormones at the age and that is what mostly rules right now in today's world with gay youth bois... they just want to get off, not really into the after math...or the future...that is sad to me. I have had many relationships and I have also had the little flings... but I know that relationships are damn sure better than those flings... they last longer and mean more in your heart.

Well I guess I have babbled enough right this moment, it is getting late at night and I have class in the morning and I would like to be able to get up. If anyone wants to talk you cam IM me @ Polo2783 on AIM

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or on yahoo messenger: out

I hope all of ya'll have gotten something out of this and it makes someof you think. I hope all of you come back to read into he future... Love all of you! Love and Light!


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