Letter from the Editor -- September 2000

So, I coded all of Oasis tonight while chatting online with Frail from Beautiful Boy, so that was a new experience. We had never talked before... fun time.

So, off the main page, there is an ad linking to the Internet Survey of Queer and Questioning Youth. If you missed it, and have the time to take it now, click here. This will be the largest survey ever conducted of queer and questioning youth online. It was done with the help of many researchers and advocacy groups, so it's not just trying to see how many questions we can come up with and make you answer them. Many are serious, but we tried to keep it light at times, too. So, do me a favor, and fill it out. It will be online through the end of October.

Not much else happening to talk about publicly with Oasis and the relaunch, but any staff who are not on the uber secret staff list, let me know and I'll get you on there.

Catch ya'll later.



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