By Ashley Mildenberg, Bemybri@cs.com

the river of tears flows down the stream
blue green black
cold sharp icy
the stream of my tears
is overflowing
liquid dripping rushing falling
spilling slipping dieing

my stream is dead
my eyes are dry
i am alone
i'm not scared anymore
i'm alone

i think i'm dieing sometimes
my heart stops
my lungs get shallow
my eyes roll
my body quivers

my mind drifts away with my soul
i feel like i'm not living
there's missing pieces to my puzzle
my heart is hear and open
my body bleeds
my mind is gone
i try
i try hard

i'm here and i'm not afraid to go
the pain will only lesson
my heart has never known love
my body has never been touched
my mind has never been here

if i'm gone
will anyone know
will anyone care

would i hurt poeple
like they hurt me

no i'm not afriad
once in my life i'm not
but how
what else

i guess i'm just a virgin suicide
another statistic

i am alone...and cold
and there is nothing here to warm me
but the flames
they will be warm
they want me
they need me
they call my name out

and i just might go
take there hand
take the flames
the pain
the torture

it may be better than me now
atleast someone would want me

my puzzle would be complete

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