Human Enough

By Sandra, Xanii@aol.com

Oh as I wander with deliberate steps,
treading ever further on this unnamed journey,
while echoes resound clearly in this inky sisterhood.

It is more than sand and gravel beneath my feet,
as I a beckon yet unlit,
Have the unknown power to summon and they gather,
searching in me and answer.

Dare I betray the confidence of my lips for illusionary grandeur?
Can I survive their disappointment that I am neither Messiah nor Prophet?
Or is it they have glimpsed all that I truly am?

I meditate on their prayers
as I am hurtled across vast times and spaces
on this Earth called home.

As I seek the heavens for divination,
How is it that I sleep beneath the glowing sparkle light of the stars,
ignoring their nocturne revelation of the secrets of life-scattered, they
whisper to me of worlds I've yet to know,
of lives long ago lived...

And I realize,
it is not enough that I continue to confess my existence to all who are
I must commune with the galaxies,
breaking common bread,
sharing the cup of sorrow, filled with the human condition.

But it cannot be said that I am thirsty,
only stricken with the opulence that is life, that is God, that is me.

Then do I speak the words of the unspoken,
giving confirmation that they have been heard?
Do I mural their mantras, adding more to the gathering,
pushing the universe to fruition?

Oh yes, I must light the light.

6/00 Sandra

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