October 2000

Hey y'all!!! I'm back!!! WHOO HOOO...OK, anyway.....Last article got a good response. I appreciate all the feedback.

Not much has happened in the last month. I got back together with my girlfriend. Yeah! She was finally single again. haha! Umm......I started high school....Joy, Freshmeat!!! OK, that's not really funny, but that's what we're called. I told a few more of my friends that I was bi....they don't really care. They took it well.

I like being able to write these articles and knowing that I won't be judged for it, you know? It's like a place to vent, well anyway, these religious freaks (no offense if you're really religious) who think it's a really bad sin to be gay are pissing me off. They're like 'Well, I think you'll roast in hell if you don't admit it's wrong.' I don't think it's wrong. If I love a girl, that's my problem, not theirs.

Hmmmm........I was reading an article here recently about masturbation. Why do you want to post that? I mean, I haven't got a problem with it, but isn't that personal?

Are any of your parents bi??? (I know that's getting personal, I'm sorry) My mom is and everyone thinks I'm this way because she is. Anyway...

I'm not gonna ramble anymore!!!

Love y'all,


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