October 2000

So it's the beautiful month of September now.... whoopie. I went to school again, which was kind of good this year. I started school in a whole different state of mind. Although yes, I was harping on the negative, I tried to look past it, and also this year a lot more people have more respect for me, but then again I did leave the school with a really big bang, so it's almost expected. I've gotta say, (changing the subject, lol) lesbians are great. You see, the lesbian community makes up most of the gays in the school, since most gay guys are afraid they'll get their asses kicked so they don't make themselves known. But the lesbians... boy do THEY have balls. They really have no fear when overcoming a hurdle. They'll kick anyone's ass if they step in their way. They've made being gay a respected thing in my school, even though most gay guys get punked a lot more. Though I never really had that problem. I work out and I've always been sort of thick. I was never scrawny or flabby.

So yeah, gay people should be stronger so they don't have to overcome so much shit. If we were stronger, more united and more out there, we wouldn't need things like GLAAD or P-FLAG. But lemme not even feign complaining, since I'm beginning to think my column is synonymous with pissing and moaning. (lol, that was a joke, I hope you all laughed...... OK then!)

So anyway school's been going good, and thanks to a guy of whom I don't even know a name, I'm over Fred, the southerner. I didn't even realize it, but then again, we'd distanced ourselves a lot. I've heard he's not over me, but oh well. I gave him signs, I made my moves, he never responded, so I moved on. Thus ends my first true love; a semi-sad ending, but it was a pretty rocky road. I think I'll write a story next month... a good one, though. I'll probably start today. But anyway...

Love is such an odd thing. I hope I don't have to fall in and out of it too much. And I still haven't found that special friend I've been yearning for, and I'm alone. I used to be just alone, but now I'm alone and lonely. I don't know, do any of you feel like this? I feel so... like I need someone to make me whole. LOL, I probably sound like a nut.

But let me move on to religion, because that's a twisted issue. On Saturday, my cousin got married to this great girl in a Lutheran church (the ceremony, an eternal binding of two lives, only lasted 8 minutes and 7 seconds... how short for such an important occasion.) But in those eight minutes, I couldn't count how many times the minister stressed that marriage is a sacrament made for men and women, and how sinners have tried to alter that, but God left this sacrament for those of us who are good and just, (str8 people, basically.) You'd think that the first Church to rebel against the "Holy Mother Church" would change their policies on sexuality. But hey, aren't I wrong about many things?

Well, I have nothing else to say, but that the internet is such a great thing. It connects so many cultures and is so vast, like a mini world. People should take advantage of this great tool rather than to solicit porn and talk all day; we're on the verge of another Renaissance with this machine, really.

Well, stay healthy peeps! Bye!

mr. congeniality

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