October 2000

Hey, if so accepted, this will be my first article. I'm 17, live in a retirement village* in western Co and work as AOL Tech support. (Yeeha)

I read a lot of things that have to do with 'being out of the closet' or 'being in the closet'. This honestly does not make sense to me. I think it's just because I am who I am though. I don't try to hide anything about my personality, tastes or ideas. I continue to exist and live as who I am simply because I so feel the urge. I don't like pretending to be what I'm not.

I do admit that in certain situations I play the part of a 'straight girl'. F or my soon to be girlfriends (hopefully) parents. I even have a friend (who happens to be gay) play my 'boyfriend'. We both find this highly amusing. I do it to keep the peace for her. She's not sure where she's at yet and I don't want to create undue stress.

For the first time in my life... I'm involved in a gay* community. And in a retirement village nonetheless! It's amazing. I have a group of gay and straight friends who couldn't care less if I was GLBT. And if I didn't know .... they would do what they could to help me figure it out.

I've heard a lot that gays are drama queens. I'm the kinda of person who weighs what is said against what I see. I don't see any more drama here than in my other (past) groups of friends. These people (most at least) are just more open about what pisses them off.

I admire that. I love it when people keep it real. When people beat around the bush and play mind games problems are compounded and not dealt with. Who wants to create that kind of stress for themselves?

Ok, I do believe that I have rambled and wandered long enough. (4 paragraphs? 5?) If anyone has questions or comments or just feels the urge to bitch at me .... My email addy is below.

*Retirement Village-Actually it's just a small town w/ nothing to do if you're under the age of 21. And I am :(

*Gay-I use this word indiscriminately. Gay for me equals anything not straight. Including curved :)

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