Letter from the Editor -- October 2000

Hello again... writing this quickly during my mother's visit to San Francisco.

The first thing you should do, if you haven't already, is take the Internet Survey of Queer and Questioning Youth, as it ends this month. This will be the largest survey ever conducted of queer and questioning youth online that will benefit researchers and advovacy groups, so try and find time to do it.

Actually, I was surprised to learn that one national advocacy group for youth refuses to link to the survey because of the questionable content in Oasis?! They're afraid of the feds revoking their funding. Makes me glad I don't have to live in the beltway and be that paranoid. I mean, maybe I'm naive, but what are the odds the federal government checks what sites are linked to from the sites they fund? Not to mention that the survey is hosted on OutProud, thus bypassing our questionable content. But, because Oasis is a sponsor, they won't even link directly to it there.

Oh well, Oasis isn't going to change, so I guess we just won't work together. I was going to add a lot of links to their site in this column (since you can also check what sites link TO your site), but it isn't worth my time.

HEY! Check out the hot naked guy to the left... now before the male readers of Oasis start getting any ideas. His name is Dylan and he hates gays (or fags as he's happy to refer to us).

The link is http://www.dylansplace.com/, although there's no reason to go there (horny gay teens: this is the only photo of him naked there). For our lesbian readers, don't worry, he seems to dislike women just as much.

Obviously, it's not brain surgery to find anti-gay idiots online. But Dylan, for some strange reason, posts the naked pic to the left as part of the navigation of the site. Now, I don't claim to understand how Dylan thinks, but who exactly do you think will go to this site more than anyone else? Not crazy straight supremacy people, but gay men. The link is floating around everywhere, because people in Florida, where Dylan might possibly be trying to join a boy band, are trying to get the site shut down.I'm not, btw, I'm all about the free speech (doubly so when it is accompanied by male nudity)

So, with all these gay men going there to be offended (the ACTION ALERTS give you enough reason to know the site is dumb and not worth visiting), Dylan posts a naked picture. I mean, does he think a lot of hot, intelligent women are going to want to visit this site, see him and say "Oh yeah, baby!"? I doubt it.

Many people may be wondering why I posted his picture here, if he hates gays. Well, he seems to hate us too much. And, as we all know, people who are the most vocal against gays are usually... gay themselves. So, since Dylan is young, and on his (albeit disturbed) path to discovering he is gay, I figured we should put him in Oasis now, and I'll gladly interview him for an Oasis story once he comes out of the closet.

Welcome to Oasis, Dylan. Maybe you'll find the support you need here.Perhaps you will find that you what you want to put into gays may not be a bullet, but what is contained in your own hands...




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