Oh, Bitch, Die

(a rap about trailer trash rapper eminem)

By Digniterry@aol.com

I don't see White M&Ms
In the bag
And got the nerve
To talk about fags
Don't you know
You work for one
Oh you surprised
But, it's alright hun
In case you don't know
Thugs are gay too
Some of them get fucked
Harder than we do
An angry White boy
Give it a rest
Wants to be a nigga
But you ain't that blessed
It's the closes you'll get
Hope the void is filled
'Cause yo' damn boss
Is gonna get you killed
That geeky voice
Who are you? - big bird
Got a lot of problems
From what I heard

Cuttin' on Will Smith
What's up wit that "Slim"
He performs for the President
I'm quite proud of him
He's the only rapper
You got the nuts to slander
'Cause anyone else would
Beat you down like Evander
Haters like you
Come a dime a dozen
And your ugly wife
I b et she's your cousin
Your bucktooth kid
Our meeting won't be dull
I'll chop up that gremlin
And piss in her skull
Since you're getting paid
On a regular basis
Now you can buy that gopher
Some braces
Always crackin on your mom
It takes two to 'ho
But who is your Dad
Eni - meni - mine - mo
Why you dissin' Britney
That shit ain't cool
Oh-she represents the girls
Who laughed at you in school

The things I pray for
You sho'll ain't go like
I hope your kid
Turns into a dyke
Yeah... so you can hate her too
Then she'll be
The next one to sue
You have no skill
All you do is offend
So lets not confuse
Talent with trend
If what I think is true
And I'll say it again
Your problems with women
Lie deeper within
If you were molested then
You need to see a shrink
I won't charge a fee
To tell why you stink
For everyone's sake I hope
We've seen your best
'Cause one day you go wake up with a razor in your chest
Let it be Known
This...persona you allege
You practice everyday on
Your hardcore image
Can anyone tell me
Why he hates on the ladies
I smell punk
And I see - Slim Shady

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