November 2000

And so it goes….

Hello out there in Radio land, welcome to another grand foray into the convoluted invaginations of the Dwimmerlaik’s mental processes. Ah, the joys of autumn; the leaves change their colours, soft breezes blowing, warm sunny days make you wistful for summer…snow showers in the middle of the day…NO! What the hell is up with that? Whoever is in charge of the weather up here in NY state needs to be fired, there must be some standards of order maintained, sheesh.

If the Dwimmerlaik scared you lovely people a little with his bitter rhetoric, good…that was his intention. If you are wondering where he got his cute but disturbing name, I suggest you read (or re-read) Tolkien. The man was a genius. ‘Nuff said. In fact, let me make a broad suggestion; read more books! It is unfortunate how few people read more than the labels on their breakfast cereal and how often they will cite movies as proof that reversing the polarity on any thingamajig will make it work in reverse. Yawn. If you have ever taken objection to the statement that Americans are pampered, ignorant boors, you are flat wrong. Trust me. I’m from another country, and y’all take the biscuit for comfortable complacency and a disgusting attachment to materialism.

However, all is not lost there are a few outstanding ones amongst you…there is hope for Western civilization yet. I’m sure you all know them, those weird kids who make jokes you can’t understand? Yep, you guessed it; they are your last hope…need more proof? Just look at your presidential election (if you could be bothered) George W. Bush, a complete dullard is running for President. Am I the only one who sees something tragic about this? If you are out there and can hear what I am saying, you are not alone! Don’t be afraid to stand out from the herd people, you have nothing to lose but your blinders…lift up your heads and shake off your bovine slumbering…America, you are men (and women), not zombies to be manipulated by corporate fat cats who dictate what the cookie-cutter generation X, Y, D (whatever) is supposed to wear, eat, drink and dance to. Go your own way, forge your own path and remember that’s not an ad slogan from A&F.Now that I am done with my ranting, I must express my gratitude to those who read my article and actually gave me some feedback on it. You know who you are. I know I will get more email from this one, because I was being ‘controversial’, that’s cool; I thrive on email like I thrive on caffeine and chaos, excellently.

Actually, before I leave my ranting aside completely, what does the IMF think it is doing with its new ‘tougher’ policy on African development assistance? Governments are begging for cash just to keep essential services running and you are worried about democracy? Let me tell you something, no one gives a shit about what kind of government is in power as long as they have access to food, shelter, healthcare and education. Wake up and smell the posies, in the long run, writing off Third World debt would do us all a measure of good, it is ridiculous to expect Third World countries to pay off billions of dollars in debt anytime soon. It’s only money…get over it.

The Dwimmerlaik is taking a well-deserved four-day weekend off…school is wearing him down, and please children, beware of the Internet. I have stung and been stung online several times this month alone, my advice is not to fall in love online at all. Easier for everyone involved. Ah, well what do I know? Just another ignorant foreigner…Rants, raves or just want to tell me you want me disemboweled with a rusty spoon? Follow the blue link thingy…



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