November 2000

My friend Erin said that at Pride, they told everyone to vote for Gore and gave a list of things he promised to do for the gay community. But in the second round of presidential debates, he agreed with Governor Bush that marriage is a sacred union between a male and a female, and he did not support gay marriages. (To his credit, he said he thought something should be done for gay couples, though I don't remember what it was he suggested.)

This opinion is nothing new to me. I've heard it dozens of times before. Marriage SHOULD be a sacred union. But look at the divorce rate-and, for chrissakes, look at the show Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire. How dare our government smile upon a show that gets good ratings by marrying a millionaire with a complete stranger who only wants him for his money, while at the same time they refuse to recognize a very very true love, that of gay couples. It's so wrong.

I've been sparking debates left and right lately. It's clued me in to some interesting theories. Jason, a heterosexual 19 year old, thinks that homosexuality doesn't exist, that people who 'think' they're gay are really only confused, and that those feelings are just a result of bad circumstances. It was a theory I had never heard before, but it perked my interest. I disagree with him completely, but I wonder how many other theories are out there. I plan on finding out all I can from the people I see every day and strangers I meet, I plan on asking what they think and doing what I can to promote acceptance.

There's another thing. Was it Al Gore of George W. Bush that said they would be tolerant of gays? Tolerant? I TOLERATE my stepsister's pounding on my shoulder to get my attention. I TOLERATE chemistry class. Maybe that was just a sensitive word with me, but I think of "tolerate" as putting up with something annoying.

My uncle said that for a candidate to openly support same-sex marriages would be to commit social suicide. And as disgusting and sad as it is, I suspect he may be right. Therefore, I think that whatever steps will be done in gay rights will be done in spite of whoever is president. I'm not expecting anyone to help me, because I don't think any of them represent me.

However, I will not give up.

And I implore you to feel the same way.



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