November 2000

I will admit, this is my first time visiting Oasis, and I am pleased with what I see. I hope that many of you will find my article(s) interesting!

Where to start? My whole life came crashing down last year, in Eighth Grade. I went to school one day, and my best and only friend notified me that he would be moving soon. I was sitting right next to him in keyboarding, yet I already started to miss him. The day was very quiet, and all I can remember is asking him "Why?" That same day, I walked into my house, noticing my family in tears. My Grandmother had passed away. The next week, my older brother and father figure moved out of the house. I was left with my mom, who had just gotten back from drug rehab. I went to school the next day, and I don't remember one second of that day when I wasn't in tears. My life came crashing down on me, right before my 14th birthday.

My best friend has since moved away, giving me plenty of time to think. I thought about death, suicide, my being gay and accepting it, how no one liked me, and if they did, they wouldn't if/when I came out. I spent that entire school year in a bout of depression, and mental exhaustion. I am happy to report that I am now doing great, and the other day, I found out that my close friend, who I have had a crush on since (well, ever since I can remember), is gay. How I found out is another story. The only problem is figuring out how to tell him. I thought about beating around the bush, but that's not me...I usually go straight to the point. It's so weird; He's gay, I'm gay, I'm EXTREMELY attracted to him, yet I'm still scared to death about telling him!

I will make sure to keep you guys/gals updated on my most recent progress in life. Thanks for reading.



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