Gay Spirituality Site Launches

A progressive new voice for LGBT people and their allies emerges today onto the internet in Prism Mountain (www.prismmountain.com). The website is an inter-faith exploration of spiritual/religious experience in the lives of LGBT people and their allies.

Prism Mountain is both resource and outlet. Prism Mountain offers some invaluable information, in the form of analyses and links, and also publishes poetry, articles, artwork, and meditations on spiritual concepts and experiences.

“The point really is to get beyond all the labels that seem to separate us,” says editor Michael Gibson-Faith. “Every religion, and for that matter every person, has something precious and revelatory to offer the world. Prism Mountain is a means to explore what those offerings are and what they mean.”

Gibson-Faith goes on to say, “Too many gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and allied people have gone into a kind of ‘spiritual closet’ because of their sexuality or affiliation. With Prism Mountain, they can ‘come out’ as spiritual people and have the opportunity to express their spiritual journey, to share it with others through the medium of the site, and to learn from and be inspired by what others are experiencing and contemplating.”

Prism Mountain also offers a discussion board so that visitors can interact to actively engage the articles and inspirations. The site is advertising-free, and no compensation is made to contributors, who also retain their copyrights. “Prism Mountain,” says Gibson-Faith, “is not a company but a sanctuary.”

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