An Urgent Appeal From David Mixner

Dear Friends:

At no time in my forty years in politics have I felt that an election is so crucial. We literally have the Senate, House, Presidency and the Supreme Court at stake.

BUT that is not the most important thing to me. There is no question that as your family member, friend and co-worker that my life will be dramatically changed under a Bush Administration. I deeply feel that I will literally be fighting for my survival as a gay man under a Republican Senate, Republican House and Republican President.

I am truly concerned for my civil liberties, my civil rights and my ability to receive the rights of citizenhood granted every other citizen. I fear for the safety of gays and lesbians and my own in an atmosphere that will create anger and intolerance to Gays and Lesbians.

I urgently and deeply urge you to vote this November and to vote in a way that gives life to some many of us. Please read the following and VOTE. If you agree with me, I beg you to pass this on to your friends, co-workers and neighbors.

Governor Bush's record on lesbian and gay civil rights is really, really, awful. And this affects me in a very personal way.

Here's the Bush record and my future, if he became President:

With much concern and much love...

David Mixner

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