January 2001

Well I have absolutely no idea whether this article will make it into January’s issue but I’ll write it anyway.

Ever since I got back from NJ I’ve had this feeling of rejuvenation. I don’t quite know why but for some reason things aren't weighing down on me so much anymore. I think it started when I was on the plane and I looked out the window and saw the lights of my home city. I just suddenly felt better than I had in a long time. I think my body released lots of endorphins or something.

Anyone watch the Real World, New Orleans? I gotta say I think it’s the best one they’ve ever done. I missed the last episode when it aired in the U.S., so I’m waiting for it to air over here so I’ll know how the ‘story’ ended. The reason I’m mentioning this at all because they way the people were at the beginning and the way they were at the end bears an uncanny similarity to the way things went with me and other the people I met at my halls of residence/dorm last year.

AT the start of the year there was enthusiasm; everyone was anxious to make new friends and so was very friendly and accommodating. By the end of the year, however, I felt the same way the flatmates did in the Real World; that I hadn’t formed the kind of relationships with people that I had hoped. This realisation made me feel quite depressed and I remember I was playing Savage Garden’s Crash and Burn a lot.

I’ve still got Savage Garden playing, but now it’s Affirmation.

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